TitleCountrySupport AreaProject StartProject EndComponent
Eco-friendly bricks for affordable, resilient housingNepalMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/12/202330/11/2025International Calls
Women cooperatives promoting clean cooking stovesNepalMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/11/202330/04/2025International Calls
Invasive riparian species control and forest landscape restoration leveraging private engagementSouth AfricaConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/08/202331/07/2025International Calls
Protection of the snow leopard through community management while improving rural climate resilienceMongoliaConserving biological diversity19/05/202330/04/2025International Calls
Community-based rainforest protection through payments for ecosystem servicesSolomon IslandsConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/05/202330/04/2025International Calls
Faith communities advocating for a just energy transition in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, and ZimbabweSouth AfricaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/06/202331/05/2025International Calls
Preventing erosion on Cua Dai beach through green corridors and parksViet NamAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/07/202330/06/2025International Calls
Locally manufactured E-Bikes with rental system for peri-urban communitiesNamibiaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/06/202301/06/2024International Calls
Innovative climate-smart agriculture system in degraded areas combined with traditional knowledgeMexicoAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202330/12/2024International Calls
Strengthening community-based forest management to protect the Da Bac’ Forests in Viet NamViet NamConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/02/202331/01/2025International Calls
Equitable access to climate-related information and adaptation tools for women farmersKenyaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202331/05/2025International Calls
Enhancing the adaptive capacity of semi-arid agropastoral communities through Local Adaptation Plans in DodomaTanzaniaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/07/202330/06/2025International Calls
From seeds to forests: innovative system for reforestation in cloud forests with native tree speciesMexicoConserving biological diversity01/05/202330/04/2025International Calls
Supporting indigenous communities to build resilience against climate changeTanzaniaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202331/05/2025International Calls
Sustainable land use management and farmer field schools for forest protectionEcuadorConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/06/202331/08/2024International Calls
Coral restoration toolkit for community-based action at the east coast of SabahMalaysiaConserving biological diversity01/05/202330/04/2025International Calls
Strengthening youth and women’s actions for the sustainable protection of the Guma Water CatchmentSierra LeoneConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/02/202301/02/2024International Calls
Community-based strategies for the conservation of mangroves and improvement of rural livelihoodsColombiaConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/05/202331/10/2024International Calls
Climate-resilient infrastructure for sustainable community life in the Haor region of BangladeshBangladeshAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/03/202328/02/2025Funding Institutions
Restoration of Chiradzulo Forest Reserve while building resilience of local communities against climate changeMalawiConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/06/202331/05/2025International Calls
Tree corridors as a voluntary conservation initiative in GuatemalaGuatemalaConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/01/202331/01/2024International Calls
Green energy transition for sustainable agricultureBotswanaAdaptation to the consequences of climate change, Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions01/10/202231/08/2024Funding Institutions
Sustainable charcoal production and cooking stoves in Central LiberiaLiberiaConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/01/202330/06/2024International Calls
Forest voices: Raising awareness on tropical dry forest through arts and cultureColombiaConserving biological diversity01/02/202331/01/2024International Calls
Rural Women Leading Climate ActionsMongoliaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/01/202331/12/2024International Calls
Climate change education and mitigation in primary schools in Guangdong ProvinceChinaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/01/202331/12/2024International Calls
Clean energy initiatives in Dang District, NepalNepalMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/10/202230/09/2024International Calls
Linking eco villages and community water management in Langtang RegionNepalConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/10/202230/09/2024International Calls
Developing risk awareness through joint action for the middle Msimbazi riverTanzaniaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/12/202231/12/2024International Calls
Education for Sustainable Development in schoolsEcuadorAdaptation to the consequences of climate change, Conserving biological diversity, Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions01/12/202230/11/2024Funding Institutions
Promoting electric cooking in Nepalese householdsNepalMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/10/202230/09/2024International Calls
Pioneers wanted: Business ideas to combat impact and consequences of climate changeTajikistan, India, PakistanAdapting to the impacts of climate change, Conserving natural carbon sinks / forestry, Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions15/10/202215/12/2024Funding Institutions
Strengthening the capacities of indigenous Guaraní communities for the co-management of protected areas in BoliviaBoliviaConserving biological diversity01/10/202231/03/2024International Calls
Climate-smart adaptation plan for the Chakwal District farming communityPakistanAdapting to the impacts of climate change15/09/202214/11/2023International Calls
New solutions for low-emission food production in Sri LankaSri LankaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/11/202230/11/2024International Calls
Indigenous leadership for the restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity in the AndesPeruConserving biological diversity01/10/202230/09/2024International Calls
Climate resilient community forestry in Eastern HimalayasNepalConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/02/202231/01/2024International Calls
Empowering waste pickers to create an alternative urban waste management systemGhanaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/08/202230/09/2024International Calls
Improving the cycling infrastructure for a sustainable urban mobility in JinjaUgandaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/09/202228/02/2025International Calls
Community-driven regeneration of native forests at Mount KenyaKenyaConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/10/202231/03/2024International Calls
Promoting people-centred, decentralized renewable energy in KenyaKenyaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/11/202230/09/2024International Calls
Grassroot communities taking action for resilient ecosystems in the Mukogodo forestKenyaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/01/202330/06/2024International Calls
Powered by the sun: climate-smart irrigation systems in Kajiado CountyKenyaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/10/202231/12/2023International Calls
Implementation of adaptation measures to climate change in the Karaganda oblast of KazakhstanKazakhstanAdapting to the impacts of climate change15/09/202214/06/2024International Calls
Strengthening women farmers in Ouémé valley to manage climate risksBeninAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/09/202228/02/2024International Calls
Supporting climate-smart communities in the Cubango-Okavango River BasinBotswana, Namibia, AngolaAdaptation to the consequences of climate change, Conserving biological diversity, Conserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/06/202231/05/2024Funding Institutions
Restoring the habitat of the vulnerable Colobus monkeys in coastal forests in KenyaKenyaConserving biological diversity15/09/202214/03/2025International Calls
Improving adaptation capacities for vulnerable households in Nyamagabe DistrictRwandaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/10/202230/09/2024International Calls
BioMon – Establishing biodiversity monitoring in Ulcinj SalinaMontenegroConserving biological diversity01/09/202231/08/2024International Calls
Mexican youth and female leaders for integrated landscape managementMexicoConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/08/202230/05/2024International Calls
Green energy solutions for the local tourist sector in GeorgiaGeorgiaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions15/09/202230/06/2024International Calls
Empowering female fish workers for participatory coastal management in TanzaniaTanzaniaConserving biological diversity01/09/202230/08/2024International Calls
Multi-stakeholder climate action plan in NjombeTanzaniaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/09/202231/08/2024International Calls
Managing ghost fishing in the Colombian Pacific with a community-based strategyColombiaConserving biological diversity01/09/202231/03/2024International Calls
Reviving the Navadhanya crop system – Building up diversity of cereal culturesIndiaAdapting to the impacts of climate change15/04/202214/04/2024International Calls
Climate-smart agriculture for ethnic minorities in central Viet NamViet NamAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/08/202231/05/2024International Calls
Reducing deforestation by strengthening forest communities in KerinciIndonesiaConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/08/202231/07/2024International Calls
Enhancing resilience of vulnerable communities to counter climate change impactsViet NamAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/11/202231/12/2023International Calls
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan formulation for Birendranagar municipalityNepalMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/02/202231/01/2024International Calls
Solar energy for wastewater management and irrigation in Jenin districtPalestinian territoriesMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/06/202201/03/2023International Calls
Climate-smart agriculture and risk management in Laikipia and NyandaruaKenyaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202231/05/2024International Calls
Advancing community rights in Malaysia’s biodiversity and climate change policiesMalaysiaConserving biological diversity01/01/202230/06/2024International Calls
Holistic management for recovery of degraded soils in Bolivian grazing grasslandsBoliviaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/04/202231/08/2023International Calls
Solar-powered irrigation and improved cooking stoves for communities in the Bugesera districtRwandaAdapting to the impacts of climate change15/04/202214/10/2023International Calls
Mobilizing community support for low carbon mobility in Maharashtra’s citiesIndiaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/05/202231/05/2024International Calls
New approaches for climate and biodiversity actionBeninAdaptation to the consequences of climate change, Conserving biological diversity, Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions01/12/202130/11/2023Funding Institutions
Managing invasive species in community forests in NepalNepalConserving biological diversity01/02/202231/01/2024International Calls
Nature based solutions for urban resilience in ColombiaColombiaAdapting to the impacts of climate change15/01/202231/12/2023International Calls
Recovery of Wetlands in San Miguel del Tigre ColombiaColombiaConserving biological diversity01/09/202130/06/2023International Calls
!Khwa ttu – Conserving biological diversitySouth AfricaConserving biological diversity01/02/202231/01/2024International Calls
Community-based monitoring of biodiversity and forests of VanuatuVanuatuConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/01/202230/04/2024International Calls
Increasing food sovereignty and climate resilience by agroecology for small farmers in the Ecuadorian HighlandsEcuadorAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/01/202131/07/2022International Calls
Strengthening women seed custodians in community adaptation to the impacts of climate changeZimbabweAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202114/06/2022International Calls
Onfarm conservation of indigenous plant species in Mayuge DistrictUgandaConserving biological diversity01/07/202131/07/2023International Calls
Community based sustainable forest management in Pshavi Forest GeorgiaGeorgiaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/04/202130/09/2022International Calls
Value Sri Lanka’s biodiversity and ecosystem servicesSri LankaConserving biological diversity05/04/202130/04/2024International Calls
Climate Smart Agriculture for Small Land HoldersIndiaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/08/202131/12/2022International Calls
Raising awareness for Andean Wetlands in ArgentinaArgentinaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/03/202130/04/2023International Calls
Jackfruit – Exotic Species Control through Productive Sustainable ManagementBrazilConserving biological diversity01/03/202131/05/2023International Calls
Building resilience through permaculture in Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/09/202130/11/2023International Calls
Eco-Schools for eco-communities in MalawiMalawiAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/10/202130/06/2023International Calls
Implementing silvopastoral systems in the North RiftKenyaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/10/202130/09/2023International Calls
Building capacities to reduce the impacts of climate change in urban areas near San SalvadorEl SalvadorAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/05/202131/07/2023International Calls
Andean water towers Knowledge Centre for Climate Change Adaptation (AKCC)BoliviaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202130/06/2022International Calls
Trees for LebanonLebanonConserving natural carbon sinks / forestry01/08/202102/08/2023International Calls
The art of building resilienceKenyaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/06/202131/05/2023International Calls
Women re- and upcycling plastic trashNigeriaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions24/05/202123/05/2022International Calls
Citizen EbA plan for Karkaralinsky District in KazakhstanKazakhstanAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/08/202130/09/2022International Calls
Mainstreaming renewable energy in municipal development planNepalMitigating greenhouse gas emissions15/02/202115/12/2022International Calls
Holistic grassland management for camelid production in BoliviaBoliviaAdapting to the impacts of climate change01/12/202020/06/2021International Calls
ICT4resilience to climate change in Gran ChacoArgentinaConserving biological diversity01/06/202131/05/2022International Calls
Sustainable solar irrigation in East IndiaIndiaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/08/202131/07/2023International Calls
Biogas initiative for agriculture in Bali and FloresIndonesiaMitigating greenhouse gas emissions01/08/202131/10/2022International Calls