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The IKI Small Grants component ‘Funding Institutions’ strengthens the capacities of national and regional institutions to implement their own funding programme in the respective countries or regions. Selected institutions receive technical support from GIZ as well as funding of up to 850,000 euros to implement their own call for proposals or funding line for small-scale projects and measures at local level. In total, five million euros are available. The selection process for the component ‘Funding Institutions’ has been completed.

Information on the calls for proposals and funding lines that the respective institutions will offer will be published here shortly.

For more information on the component ‘Funding Institutions’, please take a look at our About section or download the fact sheet.

Information for selected funding institutions

IKI Small Grants Safeguards

Organisations implementing their own call for proposals or funding line with assistance from IKI Small Grants ‘Funding institutions’ need to have in place their own safeguards system. Jointly with the selected organisations, the IKI Small Grants team will evaluate whether the processes and competencies are sufficient and support amendments as well as capacity building measures for staff where necessary. The spectrum of support can range from small amendments to a complete review of an existing safeguard system.

For more information, please take a look at our About section.

Public Relations

The IKI Small Grants funding provides projects and organisations with the opportunity to be promoted on an international level. This includes the presentation of the selected initiatives, organisations as well as their call for proposals and funding lines on the IKI Small Grants website as well as on the website of the Internationale Climate Initiative and via its social media channels.

In order to present IKI Small Grants initiatives and organisations as part of one common worldwide initiative, creating a unified public image of IKI Small Grants is vital. This is why, all funding institutions supported by the IKI Small Grants programme are requested to contribute to this objective by following the IKI Small Grants public relations guidelines. The document below presents information and regulations regarding media and public relation related to IKI Small Grants initiatives. The IKI Small Grants public relations (PR) team in Berlin provides guidance and support for PR-related activities, if needed.





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