Grafic presenting a video named tutorial Results-based Project Management

Tutorial on successfully developing outcome, outputs, and indicators for your IKI Small Grants application

Are you planning to apply for the 4th call for proposals by IKI Small Grants? Are you interested in tips and tricks for formulating your project outcome, outputs, and indicators? Then take a look at our short tutorial. This video offers insights about the key criteria when formulating your project objective and project results.

The video gives a quick overview of the current international standards of results-based logical frameworks. It explains how to formulate outcome, outputs, and indicators. Following the instructions may also increase your chances of being selected in the current call for proposals. The video includes an example that reflects projects currently implemented under IKI Small Grants. On this basis, you can discuss with your team how your project can achieve its project objective and outputs in the most logical and effective way.

We also recommend our 1-hour webinar on the logic of results-based project management. Find the recording here:

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