Great interest in IKI Small Grants 3rd Call for Proposals

The 3rd Call for Proposals by IKI Small Grants closed on 15 April 2022 with an enormous participation of 475 project entries.

More than 450 organisations from 80 different countries worldwide submitted their proposals to the Small Grants programme of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). These include a wide spectrum of actors, ranging from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), youth and women-led organisations as well as few private enterprises.

All complete project applications will be subject to a technical and legal/commercial evaluation.  In consultation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Federal Foreign Office, IKI Small Grants selects the best project ideas. The IKI Small Grants Team of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is responsible for this assessment. After completing the selection process, all applicants are informed whether their application has been selected for funding.

About half of the project applications were received from actors in Africa and one third from actors in Asia. Latin America represents about 20 per cent of submitted project applications.

Actors and organisations from all over the world suggested a wide variety of activities. The proposed topics range from environmental education and low carbon mobility to energy efficiency and agriculture. Most are characterized by concrete measures at the local level.

High interest in all four funding areas

Organisations from all over the world submitted 220 proposals addressing the funding area adapting to the impacts of climate change, while more than 80 proposals focus on mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Around 50 proposals are designated to work on forestry and more than 110 on biodiversity conservation.

Thus, the funding areas adaptation and mitigation unite more than 70 per cent of the submitted projects, while the other third includes project ideas in the forestry and biodiversity conservation sector.

Among other things, organisations want to support rural development measures, promote sustainable agriculture, or focus on vulnerable population groups such as women and children in climate-relevant training programmes.

Together with the projects of the first two calls, IKI Small Grants will soon fund about 100 projects worldwide.

Please find further information on IKI Small Grant’s in our About section.