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IKI Small Grants featured by Lightful – have a look at the interview now.

screenshot lightful website

In 2022, IKI Small Grants partnered with UK-based Lightful  to support our grant recipients with a series of webinars on digital communications. From the very first introduction, Lightful valued our innovative approach to grant making and cooperation. We are happy to announce that Lightful published a blogpost featuring IKI Small Grants.

To learn about this external perspective on IKI Small Grants, please read the interview.

Laura Wikker, junior project manager at IKI Small Grants, explains the approach to grant-making beyond the financials. She talks about the large capacity development component and its advantages for the implementing organisations.

The interview also picks up on learnings after three years of programme implementation and the power of digital communications.

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Grafic presenting a video named tutorial Results-based Project Management

Tutorial on successfully developing outcome, outputs, and indicators for your IKI Small Grants application

Are you planning to apply for the 4th call for proposals by IKI Small Grants? Are you interested in tips and tricks for formulating your project outcome, outputs, and indicators? Then take a look at our short tutorial. This video offers insights about the key criteria when formulating your project objective and project results.

The video gives a quick overview of the current international standards of results-based logical frameworks. It explains how to formulate outcome, outputs, and indicators. Following the instructions may also increase your chances of being selected in the current call for proposals. The video includes an example that reflects projects currently implemented under IKI Small Grants. On this basis, you can discuss with your team how your project can achieve its project objective and outputs in the most logical and effective way.

We also recommend our 1-hour webinar on the logic of results-based project management. Find the recording here:

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Improve your project concept: IKI Small Grants webinar on results-based project management

Are you an organisation that has been selected for funding by IKI Small Grants? Are you interested in the current international standards for the results chain logic model? If you want to know how to draft a results chain logic that perfectly fits small scale projects, we highly recommend our latest webinar session.

The IKI Small Grants webinar on results-based project management was held on 23 November 2022. Over 30 organisations from all over the world participated. The webinar featured some crucial knowledge about the current international standards of results-based project management. It explained how to formulate outcome, output, and indicators, using on-ground examples that reflect projects currently implemented under IKI Small Grants. Furthermore, using break-out sessions and open forums it offered plenty of exchange and peer-learning opportunities between the different implementing organisations.

Being able to draft a results chain logic from scratch, understanding its value for project management, and reporting is a crucial step for organisations entering the climate and biodiversity sector.  Especially the information on “SMART” indicators are the key to an effective results chain logic model. The information covered by the webinar can be used for future project proposals and thus help to obtain international funding.

 IKI Small Grants further recommends different learning sessions from the digital learning platform atingi. The Platform provides plenty of professional trainings ranging from monitoring and evaluation, reporting, and fundraising including further sessions on results chain logic. The platform is free to use and available through the following link:

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PR webinar for IKI Small Grants organisations

From July to October 2022 we’re delighted to offer to all our grantees a series of PR webinars conducted by the UK-based technology company lightful, dedicated to helping nonprofits understand how they can better use their digital channels. The online training contains three webinar series of three sessions each:

  1. Build your Communication Strategy
  2. Unlock the potential of social media
  3. Showcasing impact through Video

lightful webinar

The learning helps organisations to build an effective digital communications strategy and to engage with a wider audience through social media platforms. With direct actionable advice from the lightful team, the attendees learn how to set goals, understand their audience and finally create engaging video content. The interactive training series contains peer learning and one-by-one counseling with little homework in between the sessions.

“The PR webinar was so educative and interactive, I promise to attend more sessions with you.” reported one of the participants after the first webinar session.

If you are interested in participating please contact IKI Small Grants PR Team: We are looking forward to the sessions to come!